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Living in the city, you’re looking for an economic transport mode knowing that you have to pay the gas 3.80$ (2,82€) per gallon in New York, 5.40$ (4€) in Montreal and, if you’re in Paris or Brussels, a huge 8.56$ (6,35€) per gallon! With the Yamaha Moegi concept motorcycle, it would possible to do with one dollar, 50 miles in New York, 35 in Montreal and 22 in Paris or Brussels. And what about that vintage look…

Shown for the first time at the 42nd «Tokyo Motor Show» from december 3rd to 11th  2011, it’s inspired from a classic motorcycle made by Yamaha in 1955, the YA-1

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The Moegi runs on an SOHC air-cooled, 125-cc low-friction four-stroke engine. It’s the world’s first mass-produced all-aluminum die-cast motorcycle cylinder.

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The engine connects to the bike’s 20-inch (50,8 cm) rear wheel with a simple belt drive. The aluminum frame is molded using Yamaha’s proprietary “controlled-filling” die-casting process. This process reduces air bubbles in the finished parts by 20 percent, making it possible to build thinner components that are 30 percent lighter. It weighs only 176 pounds (80 kg).

With this elegant motorcycle, Yamaha hopes to convince cyclists who really like their bikes to switch to that « bike look » motorcycle. Same kind of feeling on the road, no effort… who knows?


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