Understanding Tracking faces technology

ADsimpsonTracking faces will become a major security and surveillance system soon, very soon. Would you like to know how they do that?

An excellent Reseach Paper Introduction dome by M. A. A. Dewan, E. Granger, F. Roli, R. Sabourin, and G. L. Marcialis explain the technology and analyze forces and weaknesses of 3 major tracking softwares. An article to read on:

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For very small software development companies ONLY!!

You want to to be recognized, by large organizations, as enterprises for your software quality? Why don’t you adopt a quality standards made specially for you? It would make such a difference in your cost production, quality… and revenue. Read about ISO/IEC 29110 on this Reasearch Paper Introduction (RPI).

Read this article in Substance ETS to find how to beome VERY SMALL COMPANIES recognized for his software quality standard! Read on